Guest of Honour Sue Cook,

said " Wow, Wow, Wow" at the success of our pupils at Stradbroke High School at last night's Awards Evening.

School Wows Council’s Director for Children and Young People

Sue Cook, Suffolk County Council’s Director for Children and Young People praised pupils and staff atStradbroke High School’s Awards Evening on Thursday with three words: ‘Wow, Wow and Wow!’ This was the opening remark of the keynote address of the evening, during which pupils were presented with certificates and trophies for effort and achievement.

In front of an audience of families, staff, governors and pupils, Ms Cook presented all the evening’s awards and commented on the school’s recent GCSE exam success* by saying “ You are amazing and you should all feel very proud of yourselves for what you have achieved. I knew that I would be inspired and impressed by your successes because this is a great school and everyone here will have helped you achieve your very best.”

Ms Cook went on to reiterate the sentiment of the Chair of Governors, Andy Smith and Head Teacher, Andrew Bloom, who referred to the importance of developing a Growth Mindset,** and then congratulated the pupils on their perseverance and tenacity saying that a person’s choice of response to the challenges they face ultimately affects how well they progress.

In conclusion, Ms Cook drew an analogy with the hard work of a spider, relentlessly repairing and renewing its web, without being disheartened or giving up when it was torn down; she said that the same attitude had prevailed at the school and pupils should continue to focus on future possibilities which would put them in good stead for the rest of their lives. Head Girl, Heather Cutler and Head Boy, James Cleverley addressed the audience to thank Ms Cook for her words of inspiration and presented her with a token of thanks.

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