In History last term we covered a wide variety of exciting and interesting topics.

Year 7 have been exploring the impact of 1066 and the Battle of Hastings on England. This involved looking at the Bayeux Tapestry in great detail and recreating sections of it. This was recreated in both art form and some pupils attempted to sew sections of it!

We have looked at what William the Conqueror did as King of England, varying from the building of castles to commiting the largest genocide in England. Pupils had to make a decision about whether he was a fair king or not, and how large his impact was on England. Their assessment was in the form of a written exercise, and all pupils did well.

During the Spring Term, the Year 7's will be exploring the impact of the Black Death upon villages and small towns in England. They will also be investigating whether medieval hygiene helped or hinder the spread of the disease.


During the Autumn Term, Year 8 were exploring whether Guy Fawkes was framed. This involved exploring a lot of sources as evidence and questioning ideas that we had thought to be correct for many years. The assessment was in two parts. The first part was a written assessment that tested the source skills pupils had been developing over the term. The second part was to create a booklet or a poster to inform primary school pupils about the Gunpowder Plot and why the traditional story may not necessarily be true. It is a very difficult skill to be able to simplify our knowledge to teach others, but it is an important one to learn. All the assessments are marked, and I am very impressed with the hard work and effort that went into both sections of the assessment. This hard work and effort has definately been reflected in the results pupils received. The best booklets and posters are now on display in the History classroom.

In the Spring Term, Year 8 will be asking whether Charles I deserved to die. As this is a topic all about forming an opinion and using evidence to support it, the pupils will be holding a debate at the end of term to discuss their ideas and points of view.


Year 9 have been exploring World War One during the Autumn Term. One group has focused on trench warfare specifically, including what they looked like and soldiers' experience in them. The result of this work is two fantastic trench models that reflect the knowledge that has been learnt this term (they also include lots of injured and killed toy soldiers!). The other two groups have looked at a broader range of topics. These include questioning how and why we should still remember World War One, analysing recruitment posters and their effectiveness, whether we can rely upon sources from the frontline, and the impact of censorship. I'm very pleased with the progress Year 9 have made this half term, and the potential they have shown already for GCSE.

This potential will be developed further during the Spring Term where we are doing an in-depth study of one aspect of World War One. This will be deciding whether General Haig was a butcher or a hero. Pupils will be looking at different opinions surrounding the General and his actions in the Battle of the Somme, before answering an exam-style paper at the end of the half-term.


Years 10 and 11 have been working hard in their GCSE topics in the Autumn Term. Year 10 have started their third exam topic: "Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1955" and are progressing. Year 11 are working hard towards this summers exam, having now completed their controlled assessment. Year 10 will shortly begin their controlled assessment, prior to their first exam in the summer.

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