Welcome to the new school year and a special welcome to our new Y7 pupils and parents. The Governors at Stradbroke High School are looking forward to another successful year and we will be working hard with Andrew Bloom and his team to drive up standards even further.


Walking around the school during the first week of term, I was impressed with the mature way the pupils have addressed the new academic year and I was especially impressed with our new Y7 pupils who were very enthusiastic.


Support at home is just as important as the support that the school is committed to giving all pupils and we hope to meet many of you during the year at the various functions that will take place.


We have three parent governor vacancies on the Governing Body.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact me through the School office or through governors@sbec.org.uk.


In this Olympic year, I was struck by the number of times I heard winning competitors say they had a dream to win a medal.  To achieve this dream they focussed and worked very hard, but without support and encouragement from family and friends they would not have been able to achieve their goal.  The message that came across time and time again was if you really want to achieve then you can.  That is what we believe; given the opportunity, encouragement and confidence our pupils will achieve, but it is a team effort.

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