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Our Eco-Friendly school

You may have noticed that there has been great building activity on the school roof recently.  Suffolk County Council have installed and commissioned 106 photo-voltaic solar panels (PV).

For those that are not eco-minded, the words ‘solar panel’ is used for two entirely different devices. The first, thermal solar panels are essentially black painted radiators; they heat up in the sun and transfer the heat into your water tank, thereby saving you energy. The photo-voltaic…


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St John Ambulance Schools Mark

We are pleased to announce that Stradbroke High School has become the first high school in Suffolk to receive the St John Ambulance Schools Mark.

The St John Ambulance Schools Mark is awarded to schools that show a significant commitment to the safety and health of their pupils, workforce and the wider community.

We achieved the Schools Mark after deciding to run a St John Ambulance basic first aid course as part of an Enhanced Learning Day. (ELD)

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News Update April 23rd

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break despite the poor weather.

I am grateful to the staff who led revision sessions over Easter and know that they were valued by the pupils who attended.

We are pleased to welcome a new member of staff, Miss Moss (History) to the school.

If any parent / carer has a concern about any aspect of school life please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Andrew Bloom.

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