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EEL Update

Over the term we have had an excellent talk from Emma Ford about the Paralympics, information on farm vehicles by William Lewis, a presentation on a variety of animals by Phoebe Smith and talks on eels and the Greek Alphabet by Mr Axtell and Mrs Hurren.

Well done to the Year 7's in particular who remained committed and who have challenged themselves by taking an active part.  We will have one more session next week with Jess Brown giving the talk and then we will have a break…


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EEL School

We have launched a new club for students in KS3 who want to really push and challenge themselves.

EEL stands for Exceptionally Enthusiastic Learners and the original idea came from Zak Hills-Brown in Year 8.

EEL School was launched in a KS3 assembly and was offered to everyone and so far around 30 have signed up. We will meet on a Thursday every week 2 in the Graphics room at lunchtime.  We will have a ten minute talk or lecture from a member of staff on a topic they have an…


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Duxford Trip Summer 2017

As a reward for their hard work we took our 14 Year 9 students to Duxford War Museum.  We had a great day out looking at all the aeroplanes and exhibits.  One exhibition involved a really cool sound and light display where we had headphones and hand held speakers that could connect up with beams of light. When this happened we could hear sound bites from people who had been in the war.…


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Challenge Project

Year 9 were invited to take part in an extra-curricular challenge project. They chose a subject to research and we met every week to check on their progress. We then had a 'party' this term where everyone brought in their projects and explained what they had created.

The projects were…


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Year 4 and 5 Philosophy Morning

On the 23rd November, we invited some Year 4 and 5 pupils from various local schools to take part in a Philosophy morning where we enjoyed refreshments, biscuits and discussing different ideas and opinions.

We asked some big questions such as 'do animals feel guilty?' 'does God exist?', 'Is there…


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Year 6 Philosophy Morning 17th March 2016

Year 6 Philosophy Morning

Thursday 17th March 2016


Twenty Seven Year 6 students from a large number of primary schools came up to Stradbroke High School for a Philosophy morning today and had a great time.  We participated in lots of fun activities such as answering ‘What if …?’ questions, modelling an object to represent a religious or philosophical idea, and answered many ultimate questions, for example ‘Is there…


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Year 9 and 10 Trip to St Catharine's College, Cambridge

On Thursday 25th February 34 students from Year 9 and 10 went to St Catharine's College, Cambridge…


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GCSE Philosophy Conference

On 8th October 14 Year 10 students travelled to Ipswich High School to attend a GCSE Philosophy Conference with the well known Philosopher Peter Vardy.  There were a number of University style lectures on many topics covered by the GCSE such as how to make moral decisions, the ethics of Genetic Engineering, the Environment and Relationships.  This was an excellent day and really challenged all who attended.  Some of our students were brave enough to answer questions with a microphone in…


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Gifted and Talented Summer Project

In the Summer Term around twenty students took part in an extra-curricular project.  The only brief was to produce a project on something they were interested in.

We met four times over the term to discuss progress (and eat biscuits!).  The students could choose to undertake any topic and present their information in any way.  The results were fantastic.  We had a photography project from Ciaran Carr, Joseph Most, Will Lynch and Ellie Ryan.  They enjoyed "Sharing our knowledge on a…


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Year 5 Challenge Event

On Monday 15th June 2015, 6 Year 9 students (Ciarán Carr, Polly Cook, Courtney Debenham, Skye Lintott, William Lynch and Alex P-S) helped take part in a Year 5 Challenge Event. Each Year 9 had to present a chosen charity to the group which were auctioned off to the winning…


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Gifted and Talented Performance Evening

On Thursday 29th January, Stradbroke held its first Gifted and Talented Performance Evening.  Around 14 students took part in what was an excellent evening. There were two musical groups who performed some modern songs, three piano solos, guitar solos, a cornet duet and a choral solo performance. In addition the new Jazz band, the Orange Blues, performed a fantastic rendition of Ronson and Mars' 'Uptown Funk'.  All of our students did us proud and the standard was outstanding. We hope this…


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Year 6 Philosophy Morning

On Monday 29th September, six year 9 students represented Stradbroke High School Gifted & Talented in Philosophy and Ethics.

27 year 6's from different schools in the pyramid attended to test their Philosophy minds.


During the two hours we had, we completed five activities including; 'Would you rather?' which involved rolling dice and answering difficult questions; 'getting to know each other', an activity involving every year 6 student telling the rest of the…


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Year 5 Gifted and Talented Charity Challenge Event

Year 5 Gifted and Talented Charity Challenge


On the 16th of July, 15 year 5’s came to Stradbroke High School from our local primary schools to create a presentation about a charity.  The charities were chosen by some awesome year 9 pupils!  Each Year 9 student gave a brief…


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Suffolk STEM Challenge Event

On 4th June twelve of our Year 8 and Year 9 students visited University Campus Suffolk Ipswich to take part in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenge event.  They were:  Ciaran Carr, Kerry Scarfe, Alex Pierce Saunderson, Ben Brown, Skye Lintott,…


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