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Sion Hill

On Thursday 14 September we had the Irish Singer-Songwriter Sion Hill come to our school to sing and talk about online safety and Cyber bullying.  He performed to Years 7, 8 and 9 and everyone really enjoyed his music and appreciated the important message he gave about staying safe online and how to find help if any issues arise.

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What we value

Statements from students following a PSHE day of respect:

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International Week

On the last week of the Spring Term we held an international week where we focused on life beyond Suffolk.  We undertook a wide range of activities as a whole school including each tutor group learning how to say simple greetings and numbers in different languages.

We had an international theme to the…


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Whole school PSHE session on Diversity and British Values

On Thursday 3rd November we held an extended tutor time and the whole school was involved in a discussion game on diversity, equality and British values. This game involved moving around a board and answering questions that ranged from factual questions to opinion questions.  All students took part and this was a very positive experience for all.  One Head of House made the comment: …


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Year 9 PSHE morning with the band Boycode

This term we held a PSHE morning with Year 9 where they spent time looking at future careers.  First of all they had a competition to think of as many jobs as possible.  They then had to colour code the jobs to show how interesting they thought they might be.  They worked in groups to research possible jobs and then put together a presentation on why they thought the job or career would be interesting.    

As part of the event, Years 7, 8 and 9 were able to experience the music of a…


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PSHE Drugs Awareness Morning with The Tailormade Band

On Monday 18th July The Tailormade band came into Stradbroke High School to play to the students and deliver a drugs and alcohol awareness talk.  Matt, Aaron and Jack played to Year 9 before break and Years 7 and 8 after break.  They have supported many well known bands and they are very much an 'up and coming' band themselves.  They played some cover songs and some of their own new material in between which they talked to the students about being sensible, thinking of the reasons why people…


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Year 10 Careers trip to Essex University

On Thursday 5th May twenty two Year 10 students travelled to Essex University Colchester campus.  We had a tour of the campus, looked at some lecture halls and accommodation and talked to some students.  

It was good to compare universities as some of the students had been to Cambridge University and so could…


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