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Brilliant start year 10!

Year 10 have made a fantastic start to their new GCSE course, with some students achieving 5, 6, and 7 on their FIRST attempts at a GCSE style paper!

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An equal society?

Year 9 have begun a new investigation into the Civil Rights movement of the 20th Century by comparing life in the USA with life in Nazi Germany in 1939. We have started by thinking about Jesse Owen's experiences at the 1939 Berlin Olympics, where he was able to dine and stay with his white team-mates, and making a comparison with his life at home in the USA, where he couldn't do either of these things!

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The Revenant - Golden Globe winner!

Year 11 students are very excited to hear of the recent Golden Globe awards for The Revenant - a perfect revision tool for the American West GCSE!  A family evening at the cinema PLUS revision... the history department can't wait to hear everyone's review (will year 11 agree with the Golden Globe judges?!)

Certificate 15

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Controlled Assessment

Year 11 have nearly finished writing this year's fabulous Controlled Assessment essays on what Framlingham Castle can reveal to us about the lives and thoughts of medieval…


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Autumn Term Catch-Up

In History last term we covered a wide variety of exciting and interesting topics.

Year 7 have been exploring the impact of 1066 and the Battle of Hastings on England. This involved looking at the Bayeux Tapestry in great detail and recreating sections of it. This was recreated in both art form and some pupils attempted to sew sections of it!

We have looked at what William the Conqueror did as King of England, varying from the building of castles to commiting the largest…


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