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Year 4's at Stradbroke

We invited our Year 4 children for an activity morning at Stradbroke High school.  They were given a variety of lessons from Maths to PE to PRE and Physics.  They had a great time and we loved having them.  Here are some pictures from their PRE lesson where they were acting out the Parable of the Prodigal Son with help from some of our Year 7's.…


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London Central Mosque

We recently took 15 Year 10 and 18 Year 9 students to the London Central Mosque at Regent's Park. We arrived in London early and so were given a tour of the sites by our very helpful driver. We had lunch in the park and then went to the Mosque. 

The building was beautiful with a gold dome roof and inside…


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Outstanding GCSE Results in RE

A massive congratulations to last year's 11 students who achieved some excellent results.  80% of the class achieved greater than expected progress and we had 13 A*s, 5 As, 4 B's, 5 C's and 3 D's.  A really fantastic result.  What is more, four students achieved 100% on both their papers.  Congratulations to all of you.  We wish you all the very best with your studies in the coming year.

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Engaging with Islam

On Monday 11th July we hosted an event with guest speaker Manwar Ali from the organisation Jimas in Ipswich.  Manwar works with the Government to combat radicalisation and extremism and he is a well-known speaker who is also a Chaplain at Suffolk New College in Ipswich.   We invited some students from Manningtree High…


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Visit to Norwich Cathedral 30th June 2016

This term we have given our Key Stage 3 students the opportunity of taking part in an extra curricular project based on RE/Art.  We have had 34 sign up to do this and some are doing Projects on photography, some art, some religious art and others are doing some ethical or religious projects.  …


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Year 9 Trip to Norwich Mosque

On the 19th of March a group of year 9's visited a Mosque in Norwich.  It was everyone's first visit to a Mosque, (including Mrs Hurren and Mrs Baldwin).  We found out that the Norwich Mosque is the oldest one in the UK.  

We met a Muslim who talked to us about his religion and afterwards, we all asked lots of questions about his beliefs for example questions about homosexuality, terrorism, equality for women, and praying.  We then met some women who were visiting here from Morocco…


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RE Ambassadors trip to Worlingworth

On the 18th of March Naomi Lewis, Shannon Smith, Atlanta Wilkinson and Amelia Catling went to Worlingworth Primary school to give them a taste of our RE lessons. We have been chosen to be RE ambassadors because we're enthusiastic about the subject.

Part of being an ambassador is preparing a lesson to teach the primary school children, so we decided to do ours on forgiveness. We spent a lunchtime each week preparing for it and planning ways to make it fun. What we did in the lesson was…


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Central London Gurdwara Trip

Year 8 Cultural Trip to the Central London Sikh Gurdwara


Monday 10 March 2014

 “On Monday the whole of Year 8 went on a trip to London to see a real Gurdwara!  The bus journey was quite long (and loud!) but it was very much worth it once we got there.  The building itself wasn’t actually as big as I thought it would be but it was still a great experience.  Once inside we had to respect their religion by washing our hands, taking off our…


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Year 7 Gifted and Talented Multicultural Trip

Multicultural Day

 Last term I was fortunate enough to be able to take a minibus of Year Seven pupils to Norwich to experience a Multicultural Day, meeting a range of people from different religions and cultures.  Our pupils were fantastic, taking part in everything on offer, and they all thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Here is a report from two of our students.

Mrs Hurren

 On Friday 6th December, Year 7 PRE students attended a gifted and talented day at…


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Visit from Manji Singh

We were lucky enough to have a visitor from India, Miss Singh who was visiting Stradbroke for the day.  She came into one of our lessons and answered questions from the whole class about her religion (Hinduism), her culture and the school where she teaches.  This was a great opportunity for our students to engage with someone from such a different background to themselves and hear how different life is in India.…


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Gifted and Talented Trip to Reading University

Well done to our 10 Year 9 students and 12 year 10 students who attended the 'God, Robots and Genetic Engineering' day at Reading University.  They were treated as students and attended lectures on topics such as Robotics, Cyborg technology and Genetic Engineering.  They had a fantastic experience and listened first hand to experts in their fields from Exeter, Reading and Birmingham Universities.  All of the students gained a valuable insight into university life and their brains were…


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Visit by Dr Dan Poulter

Dr Poulter visited us on Friday 26th April to talk to a group of Year 9 and 10 students.  He answered a variety of questions relating to medical ethics.  Our students were excellent and many asked questions including Dr Poulter's opinion on the abortion limit, whether assisted suicide should be legal and what he thought about cloning and genetic engineering including stem cell research.  All of these questions are very relevant to our GCSE course and we are grateful to Dr Poulter for taking…


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Science and Religion National Competition

We held a weekly Twilight class to watch some video clips from Professor Russell Stannard and carry out a variety of discussion and activities relating to Science and Religion.  We covered topics such as Creation and Evolution, whether morality has evolved or comes from God, and whether discovering aliens would prove religion wrong.  We had 13 regular students attending the classes and in the end, 9 students wrote essays and entered the competition.  See the links below if you would like to…


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Sikh Visitor

Sikh Visitor to Year 7 by Alex Pierce-Saunderson


On the 14th of February 2013, Bhupindar Singh Sually came to talk to the Year Sevens about being a Sikh.  He was an interesting man and had lots to talk about.  Sometimes he even changed the subject when he was talking, answering a completely different question.

He said that it is better to be a good human being than a good Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh. Being a good human is important.  Although…


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Science and Religion Essay Competition

We have had a fantastic response to our twilight sessions for Gifted and Talented Year 9 and 10 students.  They are working towards an essay about the relationship between science and religion and 16 students attended the first session.  They were all challenged by the material and enjoyed the discussions.

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Year 7 Gurdwara Assessment

Assessment sheet on the Gurdwara

Gurdwara Assessment Leaflet.docx

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Revision Tips

"Check out read my revision tips and you can reply or post revision questions"

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Fund raising update

I would like to thank everyone who took part and supported the World Land Trust on Thursday 2nd February by bringing in things for the bring and buy stall and making leaves and cakes and donating money.  We raised £170 which has the ability to buy 1.5 acres of rainforest and 4 trees.  We have received a certificate and a letter from the Land Trust thanking us.  From Jo Capp in 8RH

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Rainforest Day

Thank you to Jo Capp for organising our Rainforest Day and thank you to everyone who supported this important cause.  We raised around £164 which will go twoards saving an acre and a half of forest.

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