Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an additional funding stream direct from Central Government. Its aim is to address the current underlying inequality between the academic achievements of pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals, in local Authority Care, have parents in the armed forces or have received Free School Meals in one or more of the previous 6 years (FSM ever 6).



The profile of students at Stradbroke High School (2016/17) who were eligible for pupil premium was:

2.14% of pupils were Children in Care

20.64% of pupils were FSM ever6 (with 8.54% of pupils receiving Free School Meals)



October 2015 – we received £14672

January 2015 – we received £14672

April 2016 – we received £14672

July 2016 - we received £16776

October 2016 - we received £16776


Interventions that work

Fundamentally good teaching and learning can and does narrow the gap in attainment. We are always striving to improve the quality of teaching and learning for all our pupils. However for pupils that the Government has identified nationally as vulnerable of underachieving the school has used its pupils premium funding to develop and deliver a range of further provisions, interventions and opportunities appropriate to each pupil. These include:

·         Key stage 3 & 4 Maths small group interventions

·         Key stage 3 & 4 English small group interventions

·         Teaching Assistants are deployed where appropriate to support these pupils in their lessons

·         The literacy coordinator ensures that literacy skills are developed across the curriculum to support pupils in making progress in all subject areas

·         Mentoring programme in Key Stage 4 by staff and external community leaders

·         School Fire Liaison officer to impact upon engagement, aspiration and attendance (especially amongst boys)

·         Pupil access to individual and confidential counselling on a weekly basis

·         School nurse service which includes weekly drop-ins and arranged appointments

·         Aim Higher/Homework/Catch up club on a Thursday evening open to all KS4 pupils

·         Peer mentor programme – with trained Year 9,10,11 pupils supporting those in Year 7 & 8

·         Subject specific additional sessions with staff at lunch, after school, weekends and holidays to allow pupils to catch up or access additional support

·         Alternative curriculum or tailored work experience programmes to meet the needs of the pupils

·         Educational residential trips to enhance learning and enable pupils to see the relevance of the work completed in school



It is important that the impact of these provisions is monitored regularly so that their success can be monitored and any modifications to provision can be made. The school’s data tracking system is at the forefront of this daily monitoring to ensure that pupils remain on track.

From 2016 onwards progress of pupils is measured by a Progress 8 score instead of by Expected Progress percentages. A positive Progress 8 score indicates better progress made by pupils at Stradbroke High School relative to pupils nationally.



Percentage of disadvantaged pupils making Expected Progress in English

Percentage of disadvantaged pupils making Expected Progress in maths














Progress 8 score for disadvantaged pupils in English

Progress 8 score for disadvantaged pupils in maths





The impact of effective monitoring and interventions have resulted in the outcomes for disadvantaged pupils rapidly improving and them making progress which is significantly above national expectations.

In 2017/18 the school will continue to monitor the overall impact of our interventions and will use the funding to further enhance the most successful initiatives as well as introduce new ones.

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