Local Offer

What provision do we make:

Area of Provision

Universal Offer (for all pupils)

Targeted Offer (for pupils at SEN support stage)

Complex Offer (for pupils with a Statement/EHC Plan)


High quality teaching in every lesson

SAM Learning

GCSE Bitesize

School library with extensive fiction, non-fiction & reference  books

Literacy based “House” events

Examples of literacy in the corridors and all classrooms

Weekly silent reading


As Universal plus:


Beat Dyslexia

Units of Sound

Sound Discovery

Catch up literacy


AQA Units

Reading and Comprehension

Weekly paired reading

Dyslexic dictionaries

½ termly liaison with parents



As Universal & Targeted plus:

Examination access arrangements

TA support

Use of IT to record work

1:1 teaching (as required)

Help with post16 applications and visits


High quality teaching in every lesson


SAM Learning

GCSE Bitesize

Numeracy based “House” events





Catch up numeracy


entry level maths

AQA Units

½ termly liaison with parents

1:1 teaching

examination access arrangements

TA support

Alternative qualification (Entry Level Maths)

Social Skills

Modelling of good behaviour and social interaction by all staff

School Council

Opportunities for social activities through house events such as bowling, 20p challenge, sport, tutor group events





Bronze & Silver Social Skills Award

Circle of Friends

SEN clubs and activities at lunchtime

Self-esteem work

Alternative qualification – Asdan & Life Skills











1:1 support in social situations

Additional self-esteem work

Support in clubs/activities

Medical Needs

2 medical rooms

Basic first aid & administration of medication ie paracetamol

Support for diabetics to check blood sugar levels

Weekly nurse drop in

Liaison with Paediatrician, ASD team, CAHMS etc as appropriate






Care Plans for pupils with medical needs

Administration of medication ie ADHD tablets















Examination access arrangements

Support with understanding and coping with practicalities of periods

Support with accessing showers

OT delivered as required

Physio delivered as required

Close liaison with parents

Speech, Language, Sensory & Communication

Modelling of appropriate actions and reactions by all staff

Rooms decorated with sensory consideration






Exit/Brain break card

Emotions cards

Communication cards

SALT as required

OT delivered as required

Sensory Room

Sensory toys

Use of Timer

Specialist seating

Sloped writing desk

Pencil grips and specialist pens

Examination access arrangements

CIR referral

Close liaison with parents

Visual Timetable

Separate eating arrangements

Behaviour, Emotional & Social

Behaviour report

Positive outcomes report

Pastoral support from tutor/Head of House

Access to school youth worker

Peer mentoring


CAMHS referral

School nurse drop in weekly




Referral to BSS for outreach

Referral for 2 term PRU placement

Mentoring by key/senior member of staff

Self-esteem games

Exit/Brain break card

Supervision during social time

Daily “chat time & catch up” including self-reflection of each lesson to alleviate worries before going home

Supervision on/off school transport

Pre work experience visits with a TA

Visual Timetable

Visits by staff during work experience

Support with post16 applications & visits

Home/school book

Close liaison with parents

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